We’re looking for a web engineer to build STYLY with us!

Psychic VR Lab is a provider and distributor of XR (VR/AR/MR) space creation tools. We are developing our platform business.
In the future, when XR will be the norm and we will “wear the space”, we will create the space and use the space We are creating a new culture by approaching it from both sides of spending time.

The service we are working on is a service where anyone can become an artist and create and distribute XR works. Platform. We have developed a simple web-based method for the production and distribution of XR works, which used to be very difficult to create and distribute. By offering this service, we have created more than 10,000 XR artists both domestically and internationally, and they We have brought their works to our users.

The XR-based technology has unleashed humanity’s abilities and brought humanity into a new beginning of history. We want to play a role in the evolution of this service.

STYLY is a cloud-based service that allows you to create your XR work in a web browser STYLY Studio and STYLY Gallery, where you can view XR works in a web browser and other services. As a result, there is a lot of web-related development that occurs on both the front and back end.

If you are interested in XR and have web development skills and experience, we are looking for an engineer with I am!

Business Description

  • Design, development and maintenance of APIs
  • Web front-end development for internal and external use
  • Development of other functions for VR/AR/MR platforms


Required skills and experience

  • Experience in API design and development in PHP, node.js, Go, etc.
  • Experience with AWS, GCP or Azure development
  • Using JavaScript without any problems
  • Experience developing a SPA from scratch in React, Vue or Angular
  • You can use CSS to build a responsive screen as designed by the designer.
  • Ability to select technology for multiple browsers.
  • Expertise in any of the following, in addition to software development (VR technology, AR technology, and Game development direction,
  • hardware development, brain science, cognitive science, AI, control engineering, sports (Science, psychology, etc.)

Welcomed skills and experience

  • I have experience with Docker.
  • I have done test-driven development in my business
  • I have experience in replacing systems.

The kind of person you are looking for

  • You have a strong interest in new technology and love to try new things.

working conditions

employment status

Full-time employee (trial period: 3 months)

work hours

flexible work hours


Consideration based on experience and ability

welfare program

Housing assistance (with conditions) / Qualification assistance / Isolation tank assistance / In-house with prize money Hackathon/Café work assistance


If you are interested, please contact us here.

We’d love to hear from you!