STYLY is a VR creative platform to provide artists with the place for three-dimensional expression.

By utilizing STYLY, creators can make various spaces to render their imaginations limitlessly such as a conceptual shopping space, installation art and gallery.

Through those spaces, you can share the experience that the reality has never seen up until now, with the internet world.

STYLY allows you to create a VR space just with a web browser and it supports Mac and Windows. It also works on a consumer PC other than VR-ready PC. In addition to 3D software such as MAYA, Blender, it also links to YouTube, Sound Cloud and Instagram. So you can utilize STYLY for space design by importing various materials without any complicated operations.

The features of the platform


  • It can import more than 10 data types and allow you to combine them to create a VR space.
  • You can easily distribute the content to various VRHMDs.
  • It allows you to create a VR space even on a consumer PC, so anyone can start creating right now.
  • Various TIPS are available so that even beginners can create various expressions.

STYLY Offical site: