STYLY is a REAL METAVERSE platform that can produce and distribute XR contents linked to city spaces.

STYLY is implemented with 3D data from cities around the world, which can be used to create and distribute content linked to real spaces.
Furthermore, STYLY is multi-device compatible, enabling users to experience content on a variety of devices, including AR experience on smartphones, AR/MR glasses, web browsers and VR-HMD.
STYLY will continue to collaborate with creators and cities around the world to promote the ‘Real Metaverse’, which uses technology to augment the real world, and create an ‘era of wearing space’ where XR/REAL METAVERSEis used in our lifestyles.

STYLY Official Site:

The features of the platform

  • City XR templates allow 3D models to be placed in real city spaces
  • More than 10 data can be imported, allowing the construction of XR spaces by combining data
  • Easy distribution to various HMDs
  • XR space production is possible even on popular PCs, so anyone can start immediately
  • Various tips are provided, so even beginners can realise a variety of expressions.